Geoff Gamlen

Bespoke Music

Music on this website is available for use in film, TV and other media.  If you're interested please get in touch. 


Geoff is a guitarist and music producer based in Manchester, UK.  He previously toured the world as an audiovisual mashup DJ with Eclectic Method.  

He has been a long-term collaborator with Swedish singer-songwriter Fred Bjorkvall, recording two albums on Rocket Girl Records with band Sam Kills Two.  Their latest collaboration Som Vinter produced a debut album in November 2016.

Geoff plays live for Manchester-based bands Giant Planets.

"Urban And The Shed Crew" is Geoff's first feature length music soundtrack.  Previous original music credits include short film "Doris The Builder" and BBC's "Torchwood" and "In The Flesh".